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Something a little different this month. Alma didn't need to join 'Twinkle' she twinkled from birth! - read below

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Septemer 2022
People often ask why Alma Cogan, who started her singing career in Worthing at the age of 14. has severed all connection with the town since she became famous. Perhaps Alma will tell us on Sunday when she returns for the first time as celebrity guest at the Pier Pavilion. In the meantime we are free to speculate. One man who tried to keep her here was Clarkson Rose, who offered Alma a two-year contract in ‘Twinkle’ when she was only 16. She had been singing with a local dance band for a whole year then, but what made Clarkie  notice the lass was her cheeky and highly successful acceptance of week's variety engagement at Brighton. He offered the long - haired schoolgirl in the gym slip £l6 a week for the first year and £2O week for the second and Alma was all for it. She had to turn the offer down because her parents frowned on the idea, maintaining that she was too young to tour.  
Worthing Herald 24th July 1959
Alma Cogan was given a royal "welcome home" capacity audience the Pier Pavilion on Sunday. The sustained applause which followed her first song moved Alma to spread her arms wide and say—“Just think. Last time I was on this stage I was twelve years old. I have been trying come back for a long lime and at last I have been able to manage it” Then she treated her admirers a full 30 minutes of ’pop’ numbers sung to the accompaniment of her own pianist Stan Faster. Worthing Herald 31st July 1959

Personality plus professionalism was the mainspring of Alma Cogan's performance at Sunday's celebrity concert at the Pier Pavilion. Quipping mild jokes between and even during her songs, she bounced her way through a programme of popular song, with little response from the audience. Untiringly she tried to induce participation from the audience and give atmosphere and vitality to the end of a rainy day. Only when she had almost completed her selection did the real warmth of her personality seem to be appreciated.
Worthing Gazette 29th July 1959

Added note: Twinkle was the Summer Show at the Pier Pavilion during the week of Alm's appearence.

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